Juergen Friesenhahn


In a way, Juergen grew up “in the water”. Having almost drowned while indulging in his angling passion at the age of three, he has been devoted to practicing different forms of fishing techniques at home and abroad for over 40 years.

He has made a living as a professional drummer for 30 years, worked as a drum teacher at various music schools and was performing and acting with the Rockshow ensemble “Rocktheater N8chtschicht” (Rock Theatre Nightshift), the most renowned musical outfit of the Ruhr area in North Rhine Westphalia in the 1990s. N8chtschicht even had its own TV slot, a regular comedy series on German WDR TV.

As drumming and fly-fishing share many mutual movement patterns, Juergen’s well-honed skills were the ideal prerequisite for learning the casting technique. Thus, over 25 years ago the gradual but systematic change to flyfishing began. Internationally renowned flyfishing experts tutored and fine-tuned his casting.
Juergen is a certified Casting Instructor and Master Casting Instructor of the F.F.F., proprietor of wurfkurse.de and associated member of the Instructors Association, headed by MCCI colleague and friend Uwe Kaptein. Furthermore, he has been organizing widely appreciated flyfishing courses and guidance for years. He has been writing articles for internationally published magazines since 2008 and his most recent passion is the development of new casting techniques for switch rods.

In 2024 he will again assume the job of Casting Coordinator for the EWF.
His profound knowledge of casting techniques and didactics combined with his performing and TV experience make him a likeable and competent moderator and commentator in the flyfishing world. He can be charmingly self deprecating, likes to share a laugh and lets people experience flyfishing as one of the most enjoyable activities in the world but, as he points out, not to be taken all that seriously.
Life is serious enough!

More information: www.wurfkurse.de