Ladies' Programme

„Women to the Fly Rod"“

will be strengthened this year and all women, offering for women who are interested in fly fishing or who wish to expand their present abilities, are welcome to join Ramona Hani.



What will be offered - for more information please come to the women's stand in the foyer of the Tenne.

  • Four mini-workshops daily for all interested fly fisher women
    Focus is on beginners and advanced, one-handed and two-handed - so there is something for all women!
    45-minute mini-workshops for fly fisher women
    Beginners' Workshop on Saturday and Sunday at 11 am and 3 pm respectively
    • Advanced + 2-handed Workshop on Saturday and Sunday at 11:45 am and 3:45 pm respectively

  • Amanda Hoffner, member of the pro team USA, will give a mini-workshop „Tenkara Fishing for Womenon Saturday and on Sunday
    The exact workshop times are
    Saturday, 13 April from 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm
    Sunday, 14 April from 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm
    More about Amanda ...

  • Ramona Hani will give a mini-workshop "Aquatic Ecology for Women" on Saturday and on Sunday.
    The exact lecture times are
    Saturday, 13 April from 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm
    Sunday, 14 April from 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

  • Silja Longhurst, Certified Fly-Casting Instructor (FFI) from Germany, will give a mini-workshop „Skagit Fishing for Women“ at the 2nd Casting Pool on Saturday and on Sunday
    The exact workshop times are
    Saturday, 13 April from 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
    Sunday, 14 April from 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
    More about Silja ...
  • A fun casting competition for women on Saturday at 4:30 pm at the EWF.
    Ramona Hani invites all enthusiastic female fly fishers for a fun casting competition. The three best fly fisher women in target casting will of course win a price.
    Meeting point at the casting area close by the big casting pool.

  • Advice on special clothing for women and fly fishing equipment. If required, Ramona Hani will also be happy to accompany the fly fisher women to one or other of the exhibitors' stands to help with choosing the needed clothes or tackle.


  • The stand will be permanently staffed.
    Due to the high demand last year, we welcome a new fly fisher woman, Eva Bellmann, as a team colleague of Ramona Hani. Eva will be at the stand of the women's programme in the foyer of the Tenne for all questions and organisational matters.

 Ramona, Eva, Grete and Stephanie are looking forward to many women who would like to join the women's programme!!



History of the EWF Women's Programme

Ladies' programme with a new look!

15 years of the ladies' programme at Erlebniswelt Fliegenfischen!
We remember well the first years when Kate Blubaugh came from Nevada, USA, especially to the EWF to teach fly fishing to women in the German-speaking countries. In the eight years she succeeded in getting more and more women into fly fishing every year. At the stand there was an exchange of information and experiences, casting for women in the outdoor area and the exchange of contact details of fly fishing women. One highlight were the trips for fly fisher women with Kate organised by the EWF, which led to fishing events where they fished, tied and also talked.


In the 9th year, the EWF invited Glenda Powell, a single-hand and two-hand specialist for the women's programme. Kate's work was continued perfectly. New fly fisher women joined the programme, the two-handed casting was expanded and Glenda had the nice idea to offer a competition for women in addition to various small workshops. The women's community continued to grow over the next six years.


Now in its second year, the women's programme the women's programme will be redesigned with the motto "Women to the Fly Rod". In cooperation with the Österreichische Fischereigesellschaft gegr. 1880 e.V., represented by Ramona Hani, co-founder of the Fishing Ladies, new impulses will be set to attract more women to fly fishing. In the first year her friend and colleague, Stephanie Höß, together with Grete Absenger, both also members of the Fishing Ladies team also a member of the Fishing Ladies team, took over the stand support and was available to answer all the fly fisherwomen's questions.


 In addition, some fly tyer women showed their fly patterns on the stage to the EWF audience. Among them were Nadica Stanceva, who has been tying flies at the EWF since 2007, Regine Maguhna, Linda Bachand, Daniela Misteli, Lara Schreiber, Maria Wimmer, Solène Le Bourhis-Beyer, Caroline Emmet and Svenja Bossen.




More about Ramona Hani


Ramona Hani, 45 years old, tested her first rod (spinning rod) as a child with her stepfather. She enjoyed fishing with carp and spinning rods until she was a teenager. After a long teenage break, she started again with a carp rod.

"I really found my way back to the hobby at my husband's side. However, I no longer fish with a carp or spinning rod, but with a fly rod. I now fish passionately with a single-handed rod in Austria, but just as much with a double-handed rod, for example in Norway and Ireland for salmon.
Professionally in the secretariat of the Österreichischen Fischereigesellschaft gegr. 1880, and voluntarily as a sworn supervisor in various waters (Fischa-Dagnitz, Piesting Schranawand, Kalter Gang und Leitha Deutsch-Brodersdorf). My heart is attached to the motivation of the ladies and youth - therefore also part of the Fishing Ladies of our club. (Österreichische Fischereigesellschaft gegr.1880: Fishing Ladies (
In addition, you moves in nature and perceives it with different eyes."


More about Eva Bellmann


I have been a passionate angler for over 20 years, first for peacock and predator fish, then later also sea fishing, where I also use a fly rod to this day.

I started tying flies in 2002 and in the beginning I only tied dry flies and nymphs. Later on, I tied sea flies, streamers, and decorative flies on the hook. In my fishing club, I gave fly tying courses for children and young people. Today I tie flies for “Albatross-Angeln Warnemünde” and organise fly tying workshops at “Belle’s Angelschule” in Rostock. I am now looking forward to welcoming many interested women to the women's stand.