We wish to express our gratitude to all sponsors, advertising partners, and supporters for their contributions to the EWF
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We wish to say thank you for the support provided by...

Gerd-Peter Wieditz, Erwin Tibad, Aihan Sali-Oglou and Adrian Bontza - The Open German Fly Tying Championship
Tim and Ursula Anderson - German-English and English-German translations for the EWF website
Juergen Friesenhahn - Casting Coordination
Ramona Hani and Stephanie Höß - Ladies' Program
Hans Eiber and Rainer Roth - Beginners' Program
Paddy McDonnell - Casting Clinic for Single-Handed Rods
Tom Brown - Casting Clinic for Double-Handed Rods
Lara Schreiber, Horst Burgstaller, Hubert and Leonie Hartmann, Andreas Hillebrand - Fly Tying for Children and Teenager
Regina and Jürgen Baumann and Himmi Jons - Casting for Children and Teenager


We thank the following companies for prizes and materials for...

Fly Tying for Children and Teenager

  • Theo Atanassov
  • Hurch FlyFishing Oberwimmer GmbH
  • Fisch & Fliege, Möller Neue Medien Verlags GmbH
  • Pure Fishing GmbH
  • BFC-Bulgarian Fly Company Ltd.
  • Robert Stroh Flyfishing
  • Naturerlebnis Fliegenfischen & Outdoor, Armin Pijawetz
  • Alenko Franolic
  • HG. Flyfishing
  • Baltic Fly Fisher
  • WAKU GmbH
  • Czech Nymphs, Dr. Karel Krivanec
  • Fario GmbH, Flies & More
  • Carsten Scharf
  • Like a River, Giorgio Cavatorti
  • Igor und Nadica Stancev
  • Flyfish Europe AS
  • Stefan Schmid, Flyfish Europe Schweiz
  • Hans-Jürgen Baum
  • Peter Kunz
  • Rudy van Duijnhoven
  • Münchner Köderschachtel, Christian Gierisch
  • PETITJEAN Fishing Equipment SA