Werner Steinsdorfer a long-standing member of the EWF is back on site!


Along with Gerd-Peter Wieditz, he was the first person to hear about EWF Team Stroh-Pijawetz's plans for a fly fishing show. He didn't hesitate for a second and informed all his contacts and started to work hard on the advertising drum. Until today, Werner has been to every EWF, has his regular place on the first floor of the Tenne and we are already looking forward to seeing him again soon when it's time to open the gates for the 18th EWF in April!

Read more about Werner ...


A request to all fly fishers - exhibitors, fly tyers, casters and visitors of the 18th EWF - we are grateful for any donation for the Ambulance Children's Hospice and our EWF sponsor family!

Since 10 years (2013), the EWF, its exhibitors and many visitors have supported the great work of the Ambulance Children's Hospice in Munich with a stand at the EWF and donations.

In 2014, the EWF took over the sponsorship of the Kanitz family, who also visit us every year at the EWF and who have already made many friends in our fly fishing community. Thanks to many donations and support from the fly fishing community, which help the family and Sara.



In the meantime, Sara has become a teenager and needs more space and a safe place in the car - we want to help the Kanitz family, as they had to buy a new vehicle for disabled people, which Sara's wheelchair can also fit into without any problems.



Also this year, dear fly fishers, we will be very happy if you have left over one or the other fly or fly fishing equipment etc. which may be sold at the hospice stand. The flies from the past German Fly Tying Championships will also be available for purchase, as they are every year. A donation box will also be set up.

100% of the proceeds from all donated items will go to the Ambulance Children's Hospice Munich for the Kanitz family.

On behalf of the Kanitz family, we would like to thank all supporters and especially Aihan Sali-Oglou, who has been in charge of the hospice stand for five years and who is very committed to supporting the EWF sponsor family and the Munich Outpatient Children's Hospice.

We would be delighted if many people would take part in the campaign.
Your EWF Team


Information on the Ambulance Children's Hospice Munich

The AKM will be at the EWF again this year to present its work. The Ambulance Children's Hospice Munich - AKM provides comprehensive and professional support to families with seriously or terminally ill unborn children, children, adolescents and young adults.



Per Johansson from Sweden for the first time at the EWF!


This year Per Johansson will visit us at the EWF to tie his beautiful salmon flies. The pleasant Swede has many beautiful Spey patterns that are perfect for re-tying for a trip to Scotland or can be requested directly from Per. Visit Per on stage in the Stadtsaal.

Read more about Per ...


Special show Art and Craft at the EWF on 22 and 23 April 2023!!

Artist 3 of 9:

3. Hermann Masshammer - Manufacture of Custom Folding Knives

At the EWF, he will show the building of pocket knives in pictures and product: From design, sawing, drilling, grinding, hardening to the final finish, he will illustrate all the important steps of knife making.

Read more …




The Casting Programme of the 18th EWF is online!



At the large casting pool of the EWF, 12 different demos with great casters from near and far will take place again. Casting Coordinator, Juergen Friesenhahn, will accompany you through the entertaining programme. The casters are looking forward to many visitors!

To the casting programme ...


The list of the casters at the EWF 2023 is online!


Internationally best-known casters and instructors are at the EWF demos: You will see the most varied casting techniques and styles for both one-hand and two-handed rods.

Read more about the casters...


Juergen Friesenhahn, Casting Coordinator of the EWF for the 14th time!


17 years ago, the role of casting coordinator was created at the EWF. Since then, the casting demos at the EWF have been accompanied, moderated and translated.

Our special thanks to Juergen Friesenhahn, who coordinates and directs the casting demos for the 13th time this year as EWF Casting Coordinator.
He is co-responsible for the content topics of the demos and is the expert moderator and translator at the casting pool - the "good spirit" behind the EWF's casting programme.

Since Juergen is constantly and always involved in the casting programme, he has little time to wander around the EWF. Therefore, he is happy about every visit, the one or other drink, it may also be a beer, and the Bavarian Leberkässemmel or Weißwurst is also very welcome.

As a musician on the drums and entertainer as well as an excellent caster, he creates a unique and professional atmosphere at the pool. Look forward to an entertaining programme at the large casting pool!

The lecture programme of the 18th EWF is online!


Lectures on Saturday 22 April 2023

Lectures on Sunday 23 April 2023


 EWF Whisky of the 18th EWF, 2023! - Treat yourself to a special drop!

Dear friends of the EWF and of fine taste,

Again this year, a limited edition of EWF whisky will be offered on the occasion of the Experience the World of Fly Fishing!

Find out what whisky there will be and who tied the salmon fly .....


For the second time - Thomas Knutsen from Norway will come as a fly tier to the 18th EWF!

So many EWF visitors were thrilled to meet the young, very talented Norwegian salmon fly tyer and to watch him tying flies in his hand. He will be together with Piero Sisitino from Italy and Ken Middlemist from the UK in Tenne on the first floor this year, where all three of them actually tie their flies in hand. Three generations all tying their salmon flies in the traditional way as Fly Dressers without a tying vise. We are very much looking forward to seeing this special group!

Read more about Thomas ...


Paolo Rezzonico from Switzerland as caster at the EWF!

For the third time, and after several years, Paolo of SIM Suisse will again demonstrate the TLT method at the casting pool. This time he will show how Tecnica di Lancio Totale (TLT) can be wonderfully used on streams to achieve success even in very overgrown banks!

Read more about Paolo...


Special show Art and Craft at the EWF on 22 and 23 April 2023!!

Another highlight of the 18th EWF is the special show "Art and Craft in Fly Fishing".
Artist 2 of 9:

2. Anatol Donkan - Fish Leather & Design

In years of research, Anatol Donkan has perfected and further developed the tanning process of his ancestors.
The fish leather tanning he developed produces a high-quality, soft leather.
In the process, he works by hand. He holds each skin in my hands and sees what the fish has experienced.
Exclusive salmon and sturgeon leather made by Anatol Donkan is available from him - as are his many unique fish leather designs, bags, belts, bracelets and other accessories.

Read more about him  …



Special show Art and Craft at the EWF on 22 and 23 April 2023!!

Another highlight of the 18th EWF is the special show "Art and Craft in Fly Fishing".
We have nine artists as guests who will introduce us to their handicrafts on both days of the EWF and give interested visitors an exciting insight into their work.
Take the opportunity to get to know the artists and their work.
You will find their special show stands distributed throughout the halls of the EWF.
One by one we will introduce them to you, starting with Theo van de Poll, who will once again present leader tying.

1. Theo van de Poll – Tying of Leaders –read more about Theo …




Offer of the Fly Fishers International: Troubleshooting Sessions!



Instructors of the Fly Fishers International offer free "one on one" 30 minute introduction ore troubleshooting sessions.

Read more about the details...


Hans-Jürgen Baum from Germany will be of course at the EWF!

EWF without Hans-Jürgen Baum - that's not possible - since the beginning, he has delighted EWF visitors with his May flies and everything else that flies around here and looks like a catchable fly. As always, we meet Hans-Jürgen at his familiar place at the first floor in the Tenne. We look forward to seeing him again!

Read more about Hans-Jürgen...


Michael Neitzel from Germany for the first time at the EWF!

Finally it works, Michael Neitzel will tie his special fly patterns at the EWF this year. Unfortunately, we had to postpone it from one year to the next due to the pandemic. Therefore, we are now even more pleased that Michael, who has an incredible amount of ideas beyond fly tying, will be sitting on the stage in the Stadtsaal at the 18th EWF.

Read more about Michael...


Casting for the youth again at the EWF!    

Youth, as soon as they can walk and hold a fishing rod, are invited to join us- whether beginner or advanced, we meet at the casting pool to cast, test and practice with the fly rod and have lots of fun.

To register, please come to the Tenne for the casting programme for children and young people!

We are especially looking forward to seeing you!

More about the casting programme for the kids and youngsters ...


Dear fly fishermen and women - we are ready, the 18th EWF exhibitor list is online!


On board the 18th EWF on 22 and 23 April you will meet around 90 exhibitors including some new companies with their brands and products that make the EWF a shoppering paradise.
Travel organizers, lodges, and agents for fishing locations present their worldwide destinations and fishing opportunities for every season of the year.

The exhibitors and we look forward to your visit!


Fully booked!

Double-Handed Course with Paddy McDonnell and Tom Brown
- The Highlight after the 2023 EWF


Directly after the EWF 2023, the annual double-handed course will take place for the 14th time.

Date: Monday, 24 April and Tuesday, 25 April 2023

More information about the Double-Handed Course ...


Good News - EWF exhibitor John Olav Oldren is the new ambassador for the Atlantic Salmon Trust, based in Norway!

John Olav Oldren will again be at the 18th EWF with his lodge Tingvoll Salmon Fishing, which has its stand on the ground floor of the Tenne.
In addition, John Olav will give an exciting talk on Saturday and Sunday about the strategy against pink salmon in Norwegian rivers.

If you are interested in salmon fishing in Norway or especially in salmon conservation, come to the lecture or just visit him at his stand. He is looking forward to many interesting talks.

Read more about him ....


A New Orientation of the Ladies Programme!

After 15 years of the ladies programme, the theme “Women with a Fly Rod” will be reorganized. In cooperation with the Austrian Fly Fishing Society (Österreichischen Fischereigesellschaft gegr. 1880 e.V.), represented by Ramona Hani, one of the founders of the Fishing Ladies, new efforts will be made to bring fly fishing to more women. Stephanie Höß, also a member of the Team of the Fishing Ladies, will assume the exhibition stand duties and will be available for any and all questions posed by fly fishing women.


For the first time as a fly tyer at the EWF - Ciprian Szikszai from Romania-Germany!

We know the Romanian for almost 13 years as a loyal visitor to the EWF, but his catchy flies are quite something. Visit the talented fly tyer at his tying bench in the Stadtsaal and let him show you many tips and tricks.


Sacha Pütz from Germany will visit the 18th EWF!

A great fly tyer, multiple award winner with his extraordinary salmon flies will tie again at the EWF.

Only so much will be revealed: One of his fantastic flies will be on the label of this year's EWF Whisky . We are excited to see what Sacha Pütz has come up with!

We are very happy to have him with us again.


Important note from one of our EWF exhibitor!

VWanderfische ohne Grenzen e.V. was acknowledged as a nature conservation association by the German Environment Agency (UBA) in 2022. . 


The aim of the association is to network the numerous local and regional initiatives for the protection of salmon and other migratory fish. This can result in strong representation at the political level in Germany and Europe.

The substantive aim is to improve the migratory situation and the structure of the water bodies on the migration routes and at the spawning sites.
The public's attention should also be drawn to the precarious situation of the Atlantic salmon and other migratory fish.

Due to river engineering and pollution, salmon were wiped out in all German rivers until the 1950s. Despite extensive stocking measures, salmon have not yet been reintroduced in self-sustaining stocks.

Some of the possible reasons are migration obstacles in the form of hydropower plants, weirs and lack of spawning sites with suitable gravel substrate that are easily accessible for the fish.

Fish Migration Ecolabel
The Fish Migration Ecolabel works like a traffic light for migrating fish. In order to describe watercourses in terms of their passability, the association has developed a Fish Migration Ecolabel, with which all rivers can be signalled. The first results are alarming

Search for Support
The association Wanderfische ohne Grenzen e.V. (Migratory Fish without Borders) is looking for committed members to help with the planning and implementation of campaigns, public relations work and practical work on local waters.
If you are interested, please contact: mail(at)



EWF is now on Instagram!

We have expanded our social media presence and are now also on Instagram.

On our account we post news about the EWF, but also pictures and information of our special guests, fly tyers, casters, programme details etc.

If you want to follow us, you can find our profile under the following link


Dear fly fishermen and fisherwomen, next week the EWF exhibitors will be published!


About 90 exhibitors, including some new companies, make, with their brands and products, the EWF into a shopping paradise. Many travel organizers, lodges, and agents for fishing locations present their worldwide destinations and fishing opportunities for every season of the year.

We are looking forward to your visit!


Cosimo Raia from Italy for the first time at the EWF!

Fascinating how Cosimo Raia makes his fly hooks - all made by hand. Visit Cosimo on stage in the Stadtsaal, his hook collections are works of art!

Read more about Cosimo ...


Mike McFarland from USA will come to the EWF!

Mike McFarland a passionate fly fisherman and even greater rod builder and designer will be visiting the EWF for the first time. He will be giving us casting demos at the casting pool, covering the basics of casting and using softer rods such as bamboo and fibreglass. He will also give a daily lecture, which is about the pre-peg to the finished fly rod.

More information about Mike ...


The first time on the EWF stage - Fly Tyer Bart Reitsma from the Netherlands!

Bart has been to the EWF many times before, often supporting Christina Tooly at her stand. Therefore Bart already knows the flair and the special nature of the EWF. This year, the cheerful and creative Dutchman will be on stage to assist visitors with his fly patterns and knowledge of the various fly tying materials. Visit him at his tying table, many visitors are welcome at any time

Read more about Bart ...


Comprehensive Programme for Beginners and Novices again at the EWF!


The numbers of fishermen increased in the last two or three years, and the interest in fly fishing has also grown. That is why it is important to offer again a comprehensive beginners' and novices' programme at this year's EWF.

This is the ideal opportunity to find out everything about fly fishing, fly tying, tackle, technique and one or two valuable tips for getting started in the most beautiful hobby in the world.

Visit Hans Eiber and Rainer Roth in the foyer of the Tenne at their stand. Both have been fly fishing specialists and advisors for decades.

Read more about the beginner programme...


René Gerken from Denmark as Caster at the EWF !

After the first invitation was cancelled due to the pandemic in 2020, we are now even more pleased that René will come to the EWF this year and will do demos at the EWF casting pool. The very experienced and trained caster and instructor will also be doing exams in the background for the FFI. So take the chance to meet him at the pool and pick up a tip or two...

Read more about René ...


Casting Clinic for Double-Handed Rods with Tom Brown at the EWF again!


Tom Brown, the well-known Speycasting instructor from Scotland, will once again be running the casting clinic for all those interested in double-handed casting. Whether beginner or advanced, he will be happy to assist with tips and tricks for casting the double-handed rod.

He is already looking forward to welcoming again many known and new fly fishers at the Amper channel in the Monastery garden.

Further information and the schedule you will find here ....


He is always on stage with enthusiasm - Gérard Piquard from France!

The pleasant and humorous Frenchman will once again tie flies on the Stadtsaal stage this year. He will delight the visitors with his catchy flies. Gérard will also be accompanied by his lovely wife Josiane. She always takes care that all fly tyers on stage are well supplied with food and drink during their tying demonstrations.

More about Gérard ...


Almost from the beginning of the EWF - it's hard to imagine the EWF without them - a family member of the EWF and much more!

Igor, Nadica and Lara Stancev, fly tyers in a class of their own, will be there again. Every year at the EWF, the three fascinate with their fantastic tying skills. As always on the first floor of the Tenne, they look forward to every visit!

Read more about Igor and Nadica ...


Special Programme - our Popular Fly Tying and Fly Tying Competition for Children and Teenager at the EWF!


The EWF fly tying team around Lara Schreiber and Horst Burgstaller invite all young fly tyers to the children's and youth fly tying at the stand TOG 18-19 on the first floor of the Tenne.

Everyone is welcome - whether beginner or advanced.

All children and young people will be supported by experienced professional tyers who will be tying at the EWF.

The popular fly tying competition with many prices will also be held again... this time, young and old tiers can tie a "fairytale fantasy fly".

More about the programme you will find here...


As part of the 10th special exhibition Tenkara Village, we welcome THE Tenkara Master Masami Tenkarano ONI Sakakibara from Japan!


Masami Sakakibara, known as "Tenkara no Oni" or the "Demon of Tenkara" will give us a taste of the Tenkara technique at the EWF Casting Pool on Saturday lunchtime. We are very much looking forward to his visit!

Read more about Masami ...


10th Special Exhibition - Tenkara Village at the 18th EWF!

Tenkara P6130409 s 01

This unique special exhibition presents the Tenkara Village:
Everything about the history, techniques and methods, how to use, and the materials will be shown. A foray through the "romantic" context of traditional tenkara to today's technical developments of rods and lines. The two world-renowned tenkara masters Masami Tenkarano ONI Sakakibara and Luong Tam, the founder of the tenkara rod company Tanuki, will be at the EWF in person.

Come to the exhibition in the foyer of the Tenne. We look forward to many interested fly fisher and talks!

Read more about the Tenkara village …


For the first time on fly tyers' stage we welcome Christian Kölle, championship winner 2022, category Streamer!

Christian Kölle from Germany will tie his fantastic flies for the EWF visitors. Last year he won two places at the 15th German Open Fly Tying Championship: 1st place in the category "Streamer"  and 2nd place in the category "Realistic Fly".
Visit Christian on the stage in the Stadtsaal!

More about Christian ...


Our Italien fly fishing friends will be at the 18th EWF! We look forward to Stefano Ticchiati

He has been participant and winner of the Open German Championship in Fly Tying for serveral times. Remarkable is his versatility in fly tying.
Visit him at his fly tying bench on the stage in the Stadtsaal.

More about Stefano...

Never been there before - the first time at the EWF! We welcome the Tenkara rod designer and constructor LUONG TAM from USA!


Luong Tam will show us live the specialities of tenkara fishing. We are very much looking forward to his visit at the EWF.

More information about Luong Tam..


After eight years Anders Stahl from Sweden comes back to the EWF!

The great salmon fly tyer looks forward to welcoming us and the visitors on the stage of the Stadtsaal after so many years. He will be happy to help with any tying questions you may have. Fantastic to have Anders at the EWF again!

Read more about Anders..


We welcome Katka Švagrová from the Czech Republic for the first time at the EWF and the Casting Pool!

Katka can usually be met fly fishing somewhere in the world or at the World Flyfishing Ladies Championship. This time she will be with us at the EWF and we are already looking forward to her visit!

Read more about Katka...


Flies have already arrived - the jury and we are looking forward to more entries :-) !

16th Open German Fly Tying Championship


After the great success of the last twelve Championships, the 16th Open German Fly Tying Championship will take place at the 2023 EWF.

Read more ...


Piero Sistino from Italy - for the first time on the stage of the EWF!

We are happy to announce that Piero Sistino will tying flies for the first time on the stage at the International Experience the World of Fly Fishing.

Visit Piero at the first level of the Tenne!

Read more about Piero...


After the great positive response in 2019 once again at the EWF
- The Patagonia Worn Wear Tour!

We are pleased to announce that the Patagonia Worn Wear Tour will again be at the EWF where you can find them in the courtyard of the Tenne.

The Patagonia repair team offers no-cost repair of clothing of any brand.

Repairs are on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

    EWF 2019 Worn W2 klein

The Patagonia repair team will repair your GORE-TEX® products, defective zippers, tears, holes, buttons, and other damage. In addition, they will show you how you can make simple repairs to return your clothing to good condition. Waders, however, can unfortunately not be repaired on site.

Read more about the Patagonia Worn Wear Tour ...

 Photo gallery EWF 2019 ....

    EWF 2019 Worn W7 klein


Only two places left!

Double-Handed Course with Paddy McDonnell and Tom Brown
- The Highlight after the 2023 EWF


Directly after the EWF 2023, the annual double-handed course will take place for the 14th time.

Date: Monday, 24 April and Tuesday, 25 April 2023

More information about the Double-Handed Course

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the club "Die Isarfischer e.V." as we are allowed to conduct the course at their part of the river Isar


For the first time at the EWF Casting Pool - Jan Kubala from Austria!

Jan Kubala    

We welcome Jan Kubala, so far the youngest caster at the EWF Pool, who will give a taste of his skills on both days. Join the casting demo of this pleasant young man or visit him at the Hurch FlyFishing stand on the upper floor of the Tenne.

He is looking forward to your visit.

Read more about Jan ...


He has just confirmed - we are very pleased that Ken Middlemist from Alnwick (UK) is coming to the 18th EWF!


Ken Middlemist is one of the last living fly dressers (tyers) who learned and worked in the old Hardy company in Alnwick. Many know him from the film, “The Lost World of Mr. Hardy.” Ken will tie salmon flies in his hand (without a tying vise) and has many, many stories to share. He much prefers being called a “fly dresser” and not a “fly tyer.”

Ken is again very much looking forward to welcoming you at his tying bench on the first level of the Tenne.

Read more about Ken...


For the second time at the EWF - Linda Bachand from the USA! 

We are looking forward to welcoming again Linda Bachand from the USA at the EWF. Visit her at her fly tying bench on the stage of the Stadtsaal and be inspired by her flies.

Read more about Linda...




Paddy McDonnell - again at the EWF!

We are excited that Paddy McDonnell will again take part at the International Experience the World of Fly Fishing on 22 and 23 April 2023, giving casting demonstrations.

Visit Paddy at his stand in the Tenne.

Read more about Paddy ...


You can download the new EWF Leaflet at DIN A5 size!
- We look forward to your visit at the EWF -


Flyer English EWF 2023

Flyer German EWF 2023


Double-Handed Course with Paddy McDonnell and Tom Brown
- The Highlight after the 2023 EWF


Directly after the EWF 2023, the annual double-handed course will take place for the 14th time.

Date: Monday, 24 April and Tuesday, 25 April 2023

More information about the Double-Handed Course

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the club "Die Isarfischer e.V." as we are allowed to conduct the course at their part of the river Isar


16th Open German Fly Tying Championship


After the great success of the last twelve Championships, the 16th Open German Fly Tying Championship will take place at the 2023 EWF.

Read more ...


Get an impression of our image film and let yourself be inspired.

Film by Rudy van Duijnhoven



ANNOUNCEMENT - EWF 2023! -  We would appreciate if you can schedule this event date!!!

Flyer EWF 2023 engl web

18th International Experience the World of Fly Fishing

Saturday, 22 April 2023, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday, 23 April 2023, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Event Forum Fürstenfeld / Fürstenfeld Monastery near Munich
Fürstenfeld 12
D-82256 Fürstenfeldbruck


Everything is prepared for the first Bending Feathers



We are looking forward to many visitors and a great weekend! Come by, Saturday and Sunday from 9am!!!
More information:


Bending Feathers - Fly Tiers and Fly Dressers Symposium!

19 and 20 November 2022 at the Fürstenfeld Event Forum, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich


Flyer BendingFeathers dt neu  
It is not long until the largest fly-tying symposium in Germany, Bending Feathers, will open its doors. The hobby within a hobby has a new meeting ground.
The fly-tying booths on the two floors of the Tenne in the Fürstenfeld Event Forum will be internationally occupied because 69 fly tyers from 17 countries have agreed to participate.
You will be able to see many new and proven fly patterns. Thomas Knutsen from Norway and Piero Sistino from Italy will tie their flies in their hands.
12 fly tiers will tie their patterns live in public on the stage, including Hans Eiber with a contribution for beginners,
Peter Jost showing successful flies for sea-run browns, Daniela Misteli who will tie her well-known streamers,
and Marco Crippa who “counts feathers” and will show how to select CDC feathers.
Piero Sistino will show the use of special tying tools and Karl Flick the tying of knotted body flies.
Hildebrandt’s Auktionshaus will also be present and will hold a live auction of selected fly fishing gear starting at 15:00 on Saturday.
Part of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Ambulant Children’s Hospice, Munich.
Coming from Spain will be Andrés Touceda who, in addition to tying flies, now specializes in linoleum block printing of fishing motifs.
Children and young people are also invited to complete their own print in addition to their fly tying with Lara Schreiber, Horst Burgstaller, and team.

We shouldn’t forget the repair of rods and clothing. Just in time for the winter season, visitors can bring their damaged graphite rods or clothing for repair. Fly rods can be given to on site, overnight, or on order. In addition, all visitors can bring their Simms GORE-TEX waders or Simms GORE-TEX wading jacket for a free checkup. You can also get tips from FlyFish Europe about the care and maintenance of your breathable clothing.
About 35 exhibitors will be presenting a comprehensive selection of fly tying materials, everything to warm the heart of a fly tyer.
Travel specialists will have exciting offers for fly fishing trips and will happily help you plan your next trips.
Two catering locations will be able to provide you with food and drink.
It doesn’t matter if you are an absolute beginner or a very advanced fly tyer – for the young and mature, the little and greatly experienced – fly patterns of any and all types will be shown and discussed.



The EWF photo galleries 2022 are online!!



Experience the 2022 EWF once more: a retrospective in pictures.



Successful fundraising campaign for our EWF sponsor family Kanitz and the Ambulant Children’s Hospice, Munich!


MS7 1466 U web    

Many thanks to the many donors of the EWF!
Through the sale of donated fly boxes and fly fishing tackle, as well as many other individual donations, 3,610.32 euros were raised in the two days of the EWF.

A very special thank you to our fly fishing colleague, Aihan Sali-Oglou, who again worked with inexhaustible energy to raise this great amount of money at the stand at the EWF.

At the beginning of May, we met with Mrs Kanitz, her little daughter Sara, and Mrs Hindennach, representative of the children's hospice, and handed over the cheque.

This makes it possible again to support Sara and her family with the fulfilment of their heart's desires!


 This was the 17th Experience the World of Fly Fishing 2022

A total of 98 exhibitors, 40 fly tyers, 13 casters, and around 1700 visitors met on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd April for a joyful reunion for one of the first events of spring.


The conditions for the start of events and the fly fishing scene could hardly have been more difficult. Despite Corona, an overnight change to the Infection Protection Law, the onset of winter and snowfall, and closures on motorways, there was a big hello and lively exchange between visitors, exhibitors, and the invited special participants.
Ian Gordon certainly had the longest journey of all...... After leaving his home at 5am on Thursday morning, he did not arrive at the airport in Munich until midnight on Friday due to delays, breakdowns, and IT problems at London Airport. He had made every effort to finally meet his friends, acquaintances, and customers again at the EWF.
Weather-related delays in the delivery of materials and products were taken sportingly by the exhibitors, who did not let them change their positive mood.


Due to the bad weather, the beer garden was turned into an indoor beer garden without further ado and was, as usual, very well attended. The lecture hall was therefore moved to a theatre hall. About 550 listeners followed the 18 lectures and live tying demonstrations.

13 casters showed their casting demonstrations at the temporarily frozen casting pool ... Thibaut Giband climbed into the pool under snowfall, Hans-Ruedi Hebeisen cast into his 80s in wintry conditions. Stanislav Mankov, as a Bulgarian caster used to warmer domains, tried casting under special conditions and for Trond Syrstad as well as Mathias Lilleheim it was partly home conditions. One advantage of the white splendour was, according to visitors' comments: "... the fact that the pool surface was frozen and covered in snow made it possible to follow the length of the line and the emergence of the fly very closely.”


The special exhibition "Angling in the middle of society" attracted many interested visitors to their stand. Among other things, people talked shop there, got ideas for new projects, and were able to take away lots of specialist information in the form of brochures, posters, etc.
More than 40 fly tyers, including several familiar and new faces, tied their popular patterns. The fly tying clinic, held for the second time, was very well received and attended.


The children's programme was well attended, especially the children's fly tying was again very popular and the team around Lara Schreiber and Horst Burgstaller welcomed many new young faces at the tying tables.
The beginners and ladies programmes were again well attended and there was an enthusiastic reunion here after three years.
At the announcement of the winners of the 15th Open German Championship in Fly Tying, a number of prize winners were present, which made the ceremony particularly joyful. The presentation of the frame of honour to Horst Burgstaller, which took place in this context, was a more than successful surprise.


A big thank you to all participants of the 17th International Experience the World of Fly Fishing for this positive and successful spring start of the EWF. Thanks to you, we have created two days of consultation, sales, and a great get-together for the most beautiful hobby in the world.
Also thanks to the visitors who came from near and far and made the EWF weekend together with all of us a nice get-together in a fantastic atmosphere.


It is our sincere hope that you left our show with good memories and impressions and, most of all, we very much look forward to welcoming you to our special

18th International Experience the World of Fly Fishing
WHEN: 22 and 23 April 2023
WHERE: Event Forum Fürstenfeld
Fürstenfeld 12
D-82256 Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich

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Photos: Rudy van Duijnhoven, Moreno Gazetta, Antje Eilhardt, Daniel Forbes, and Wolfgang Ackermann


Fantastic Feedback and Pictures of the Double-Hand-Course - The Highlight after the 2022 EWF!

Many thanks to Ian, Tom, Glenda and Paddy for great two days!

From the first minutes onwards this was my personal highlight from the EWF. A MUST for everyone who wants to understand double-handed casting and wants to perfect their technique. The international team of instructors, warmly and with great enthusiasm for their passion, teach double-handed casting in a way that is personalised to each participant’s skill.

The double-handed course immediately after the EWF was an enrichment on so many levels! Glenda, Paddy, Ian, and Tom were fantastic and have bettered everyone on the course: From the people just dipping a toe in the water, who had never fished with a two-handed rod before; up to the ambitious caster wanting to improve the fine details of their technique. We even had some Irish whiskey, to round off the perfect day! (Doron)
Explained in a simple and comprehensible way - - Warmly: That is the best way to describe the casting course with Ian, Glenda, Paddy, and Tom.
I personally was able to take away a lot from the course, lessons which will ring in my ears and help me to continue developing my technique in the months and years to come. My passion is now fiercely burning and I can’t wait to participate again next year! Thank you!!! (Olaf)
The two-handed course was great again! And with all the enthusiasm we forgot all about the cold and the snow. Of course, it was a luxury that we had 4 instructors. After a two years break, it was really important to practice again for the fishing trips. Now I've gotten the finishing touches to it and feel ready for the salmon. (Andrea)
Number 1, It was an absolute great experience the EWF but also the spey casting course. Thank you! Also to the team who made this happen. Absolutely perfect organized. (Bert)


Winners of the 15th German Open Fly-Tying Championship 2022! Congratulations!


Category: Dry Fly

1st Place - Martin Weidisch - Germany
2nd Place - Michael Wierzbicki - Poland
3rd PlaceArnold Gufler - Italy


Category: Streamer

1st Place - Christian Kölle - Germany
2nd Place - Agnieszka Kubale - Poland
3rd PlaceAlfons Schefold - Germany


Category: Realistic Fly

1st Place - Arnold Gufler - Italy
2nd Place - Christian Kölle - Germany
3rd PlaceAndré Baron - Germany




Many thanks to Daiichi/ Angler Sport Group and the EWF for the Sponsoring!

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