EWF 2019

14th International Experience the World of Fly Fishing 2019

- We say THANK YOU!

Working with you, we have again transformed, for two days, the Event Forum Fürstenfeld (with its wonderful ambience) into a world-class international fly fishing gathering.


The statistics from 2019’s 14th International Experience the World of Fly Fishing demonstrate our continuing success:

  • 3,600 visitors over two days
  • exhibitors and visitors from more than 25 countries came to the event
  • more than 950 people attended the talks
  • 13 casting instructors demonstrated techniques for crowds numbering up to 400
  • more than 100 exhibitors represented more than 160 fly-fishing brands
  • ca. 50 fly tyers on the stages or at the exhibitors’ stands demonstrated their abilities!

We would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming feedback we have received:
Sepp Fuchs, Caster
Thanks again for the invitation.
I had two great days with friends and with people who wanted to know everything about my techniques.
The demonstrations worked very well and I think that the attendees also found them good.

Adrian Hauser, Fly Tyer
I want to take this opportunity simply thank you very much that I was able to make my contribution to this exceptional show. It was a great honor for me to be on the stage tying together with such great people. It is truly superb what you have made of the EWF from the very beginning and how you have, over the years, delighted thousands of people. A fantastic accomplishment!

Andrea Herbert, Visitor
The two-hand course yesterday and today was, as always, fantastic!!!
I could particularly improve my distance casting which will be great for my trip in May. I hope the salmon will be appreciative.


Bruno Pimpanini, Fly Tyer
I would like to thanks you again for your invitation to be with you on the EWF last week! It was as always for me a great experience and a real pleasure!

Ambulant Children’s Hospice, Munich, Désirée Bachert
The show was once again terrific and we are so grateful for your wonderful support and initiative! Please pass our thanks on to all of your supporting staff who, as before, made us feel very welcome and helped us so much. The same is true for the many exhibitors who provided their wonderful donations and made it possible for us to have “merchandise” to sell. The cooperation at the show is remarkable and very special! We also want to thank Aihan who wonderfully and with great feeling worked with us.

Loop Designer & Caster, Klaus Frimor
What a fantastic show with some of the best casters in Europe. A superbly committed audience and an event to remember.

Arctic Silver, Katharina Fugger
I want to give some brief feedback about our impressions of the EWF. All of our expectations were exceeded and we are very grateful that we could participate as exhibitors! A wonderful show and we made so many new contacts which could never have expected. According to our count, about 300 visitors tested our rods which is truly more than at any other show. Our compliments and gratitude to you for a well organized and successful show.

Zefix FlyFishing, Markus Müller
We are represented at many shows in various countries (Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Norway), but the EWF is the absolute highlight of the year! The unique atmosphere, the number of brands represented, the location, the presentations, being just for fly fishing, and the overall organization make this show the focal point of the fly fishing scene.

  EWF 2019 Children Casting IMG 9611 klein    

Augsburger Angelcenter, Thomas Haase
Year in year out, the event for fly fishers in Europe. Top level for nearly 15 years, congratulations to the organizers.

Winston, Jim Murphy
I want to thank you for a work show. I have been exhibiting at shows for 27 years and must say the EWF is one of the best!

Fly Fishers International, Mark Surtees
Great event yet again, best fly fishing show in Europe.

Ladies’ Programme, Glenda Powell
It is a great honour and pleasure for me to be the Ladies Programme Organiser at the EWF show. I have being doing this now for the last five years and it is such a pleasure and truly encouraging for me to see the improvement in the Ladies confidence in fishing and their casting ability soar. We discuss and learn casting techniques but also we talk about what type of equipment would suit each lady best for her body type. It is a pleasure to see some of the same ladies from year to year and for friendships to be made.

Unariverside Lodge, Valentin Muhaxheri
… just wanted to thank you once again for your amazing organization. It is a privilege to be part of EWF. Thanks for all your support, too.


Thermo-Wade, Micheal Commons
The quality of the attendees was second to none and we made new friends. It was personally encouraging to have a number of attendees look for an item which we had just launched that weekend and to see their pleasure knowing that we could solve their problems with our original products.

Fishermans No1, Klaus Flach
Once again, thank you for all of the effort and preparation by the show’s team; it was, as always, a Top Event. We hope to be able to participate next year and would like to know the dates so that we can begin planning.

Gérard Piquard, Fly Tyer
I want to thank you for the outstanding reception at and organization of the EWF. It was an honor and great pleasure for me to participate.

Casting for Kids and Teenager, Regina and Jürgen Baumann
We are very pleased - and also proud - about the positive feedback from kids and parents for “Casting for Kids and Young People.” The positive comments ranged from “Thank you, that was great!” to “You do this really well” to “I finally now understand how” to “Now we need to buy our child a fly rod.”
Once again, the “fishing” in the wading pool was most popular. Not only the “little” kids could hardly wait until the fished out pool was restocked. The bigger ones also couldn’t resist landing a fat fish.
A lovely development is that, this year, just as many girls as boys tried casting with us. Whether girl or boy, all were enthusiastic (some were there for all four casting opportunities) and most definitely want to return next year.
Which leads us to our summary: with so many happy and satisfied faces, we can already now look forward with pleasure to the next EWF and to seeing all once again.


Photos: Rudy van Duijnhoven, Igor Stancev, Antje Eilhardt and Wolfgang Ackermann