10th Special Exhibition - Tenkara Village

We cordially invite you to get to know the world of Tenkara at the 10th special exhibition of the EWF.

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What is tenkara?

Tenkara is prehistoric.
It is not primitive or unskilful. Exactly the opposite is the case. The background is that the methods of fly fishing of in remote mountain regions were invented by people who could neither read nor write. No writing, no history...

The similarity of tenkara techniques to all other original forms of fly fishing around the globe shows how perfect this solution is to catching trout from rivers.
As well as today’s tenkara practitioners in Japan, there are examples of ancient and sophisticated fly-fishing methods that are still practiced in Serbia, Italy (notably in Valsesia in the Italian province of Vercelli), Bosnia, Spain and probably many more.

The similarities are astonishing. These methods all share the common factor of originally using horse-hair casting line and long, supple rods.

That is as perfect a description of traditional Japanese tenkara and this is what moves the feelings of new enthusiasts today.

So in this "romantic" context of traditional tenkara there are today technical evolutions on the composition of the rods, technological evolutions on the level lines, with an important contamination of the world of modern fly fishing.


Tenkara at the EWF
To present tenkara as an exclusive theme of the EWF 2023 is motivated precisely by this continuous growth of admirers and enthusiasts. Moreover, we have decided to highlight the modern evolutions of construction techniques and materials for tenkara fishing rods, also emphasizing the continuous evolution of the Kebari through qualified fly tiers.


Who will you meet at the Tenkara Village stand?

We would like to thank Alps Store & Fishing Services for setting up and designing the Tenkara Village in the foyer of the Tenne. The Italian company Alps Store & Fishing Services has more than ten years of technical tenkara experience in the Italian Alps.

Meet exclusive guests from Japan, USA and Italy, including

Tenkara master Masami Tenkarano ONI Sakakibara from Japan - find more information here ...


Luong Tam, the founder of the tenkara rod company Tanuki from USA - more information can be found here ...



The Italian fly tyer Guido Scala, professional AIGUPP guide - more information can be found here ...

Coordinator of the Tenkara Village is Alps Store & Fishing Services www.alps.community


Further programme topics

  • Casting Demo at the EWF Casting Pool
    Saturday: Masami Tenkarano ONI Sakakibara from Japan will show classic tenkara casting techniques (level line)
    Sunday: Luong Tam, founder of the tenkara rod company Tanuki from USA will show short-line casting with a tenkara rod
  • Fly tying on the stand:
    Fly tyers Guido Scala, professional AIGUPP guide, and two other Italian fly tyers will tie the special tenkara flies on site at the stand.