Daniele Di Fronzo



I am a passionate fly fisherman with EFFA certification as a guide and instructor. My passion went so far that I followed my calling and now run a fly fishing school with a focus on education and travelling.
It's about the love of the outdoors, cultivating fellowship and expanding and sharing skills and knowledge. Ultimately, fly fishing is a way of life that has a strong influence on how we interact with the animal and plant world and our behaviour towards other people.

For me, fly fishing means much more than just catching fish. It requires facing various challenges: be it casting, reading the water, determining the fly, perfect presentation or using the strike in a measured way. Not to see the loss of a fish as a defeat, but to have had a great day on the water in an indescribably beautiful natural setting.

I started fly fishing 30 years ago in Alaska. I enjoy chasing trout, grayling, pike, huchen, steelhead and Pacific and Atlantic salmon in all rod classes all over the world.
My greatest pleasure, however, is to share my knowledge and skills with fly fishermen who are eager to learn and pass them on - right up to the perfect cast.