Masami Tenkarano ONI Sakakibara

Masami Sakakibara, known as "Tenkara no Oni" or the "Demon of Tenkara", is as passionate about fishing tackle as he is about tenkara casting.
During his 35 years of experience with tenkara, he has looked for rods that are both traditional and innovative.
One result is the Oni rods, which are praised not only by Japanese tenkara fishers but also by international fans.
Masami is appreciated all over the world for the quality of its products, which are specially made by combining the skills of the craftsmen. All products designed by Masami are proudly made in Japan.
Masami Sakakibara is invited around the world for tenkara teaching events, tenkara casting and fishing demonstrations.
Masami is one of Japan's best-known tenkara masters.