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For the first time at the EWF - Cosimo Raia from Italy!

Cosimo Raia      

We are happy to announce that the hook maker Cosimo Raia from Italy will be at the 15th EWF for the first time. Visit Cosimo at his table among the fly tyers on the first floor of the Tenne to watch him making his hooks!

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After the great positive response last year once again at the EWF - The Patagonia Worn Wear Tour!!

We are pleased to announce that the Patagonia Worn Wear Tour will again be at the EWF where you can find them in the courtyard of the Tenne.

The Patagonia repair team offers no-cost repair of clothing of any brand.

Repairs are on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

    EWF 2019 Worn W2 klein 

The Patagonia repair team will repair your GORE-TEX® products, defective zippers, tears, holes, buttons, and other damage. In addition, they will show you how you can make simple repairs to return your clothing to good condition. Waders, however, can unfortunately not be repaired on site.

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    EWF 2019 Worn W7 klein


Again at the EWF - Heinz Zöldi from Austria!

We are happy to announce that Heinz Zöldi will be at the EWF again. The humorous and nice Austrian is welcoming you at his fly tying bench.

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                  Zldi Heinz

For the first time in Germany and at the EWF - Marina Gibson from UK!

Gibson Marina          

We are happy to welcome the Orvis representative, Marina Gibson, in Germany and at the EWF for the first time. The young and charming fly fisher from the UK, will present her casting demos at the casting pool this year. 

Visit Marina at the Orvis stand in the Stadtsaal.

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Double-Handed Course with Gary Scott and Hans Spinnler
- The Highlight after the 2020 EWF



You have the opportunity to participate in a two-day course in the Munich area immediately after the 2020 EWF.

For the first time, the course will be given by Gary Scott and Hans Spinnler:

Spey-Technique meets Underhand Technique!

Date: Monday, 30 March and Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Registration to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Zsolt Györfi from Rumania and the 1st place winner in the category "Dry Fly" of the 11th and 12th Open German Fly Tying Championship will again be on the stage of the EWF!

We are looking forward to once again welcoming Zsolt Györfi from Rumania, who won the 1st place in the category "dry fly" in the 11th and 12th Open German Fly Tying Championship.
Visit this talented and nice fly tyer at his fly tying bench on the stage in the Säulensaal where the winners of the German Fly Tying Championships will be.


EWF 2019 Bind Meist18 klein


René Gerken from Denmark - for the first time at the EWF!

Gerken Rene      

We are happy that René Gerken will take part for the first time at the 15th International Experience the World of Fly Fishing on 28 and 29 March 2020, giving casting demonstrations.

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Special Exhibition - Fishing as Part of Society at the 15th EWF!

The German Angling Association e.V. presents:

Fishing as Part of Society.

You will find the special exhibition in the foyer of the Tenne, directly across from the EWF information desk.

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For the first time at the EWF - Paul Little from UK!


Many times we have already met him at fly fishing shows in the UK. Now he will tie at ours!

We are looking forward to welcoming Paul Little from UK at the 15th EWF. Visit him at his fly tying bench on the stage in the Stadtsaal!

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For the first time at the EWF  - Roy Ole Jakobsen from Norway!

We are looking forward to welcoming Roy Ole Jakobsen from Norway at the 15th EWF. Visit him at his fly tying bench on stage of the Stadtsaal.

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15th EWF 2020 Announcement

EWF 2020 Announcement on video: On the 28th and 29th of March 2020, the 15th Experience the World of Fly Fishing (EWF) will be held in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich. This largest fly-fishing show on the European continent attracts between 3500 to 4000 visitors from all over Europe.

Thank you to Rudy van Duijnhoven for the nice film!



Henrik Mortensen again at the EWF doing a casting demo!


Henrik Mortensen will again attend the EWF - it is a pleasure for us to have him at the casting pool.

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For the first time at the EWF - Umberto Oreglini from Italy!

Umberto Oreglini has not only tied the fly for this year's 13th Open German Fly-Tying Championship, but he personally will also come to the EWF and tie his flies. Meet Umberto at the fly-tying championship stage and watch the talented fly tyer at work. We are looking forward to welcoming him!

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For the first time at the EWF's casting pool - Stanislav Mankov from Bulgaria!


We are very pleased to have Stanislav Mankov at the 15th EWF showing his fantastic casting demos. Visit the humorous and charming fly fisher from Bulgaria at the casting pool.

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A contribution to the 13th Open German Fly Tying Championship by Adrian Bontza!
Many thanks!



15 years of fly fishing at an international level,
15 years of fly tying, casting, and the exchange of knowledge,
15 years of simply being together, talking, and feeling comfortable with a pursuit which ties us to nature.

Time does pass so quickly. Who would have ever thought years ago on the shores of Lake Starnberger where it all began. And now the EWF is the meeting place for all who share this pursuit no matter where in the world they come from.
Once again, just as in the last 13 years, the EWF is sponsoring the Fly Tying Championship which has become a tradition. A very special fly is appropriate for such an occasion. As one of two patterns, the organizers have now decided on a true evergreen:
the PANAMA fly!

As announced a few days ago and published on the EWF website, the “father of the championship,” Gerd Peter Wieditz, provided some information about the history of the fly.

As I heard of the decision about the pattern, I researched in the world of fly tying and found some additional information.
Just as the world-famous Panama hat has a colorful history, the no-less-known Panama fly has had a long development.

tied by Umberto Oreglini

The Spaniards call it a “fly for the nostalgic” which recalls a bygone era, but with European roots and a form which is not common today. It is called a “jewel” of French fly tying or better said, its crown: visually distinct, but very popu-lar among French fly fishers. The disadvantage is the relative difficulty in tying it which nearly led to its disappearance from the fly fisher’s repertory and from fly shops. The tyer needs to apply several techniques (both common and un-common) - I would say this is almost a “jackalope” in the fly realm - to tie the fly. That all has visual appeal, beginning with the tail made from unmistakable orange with black dye golden pheasant feathers and the nearly unconventional position of the double wing. Really a challenge for the fly tyer!
As so often, one finds varied information about the fly’s origins. Most likely, the fly can be ascribed to the Breton school of fly tying and it probably was developed between the two world wars. It is slightly reminiscent of Baroque art: it has everything we know from “true” art and varied tying techniques. Looking at the fly from the point of view of a fly tyer, you immediately recognize a large hook tied to be a mixture of mayfly and a fat, just-emerged caddis ready for flight.
The French author Michel Flenet found that the predecessor to the Panama fly is a Bretonian fly called the “Irresistible de Cavalier” which closely resembles the Panama fly.

 tied by Umberto Oreglini


And the story continues: dig deeper into the history of the Panama fly and you will find in old catalogs of the RAGOT company a precise separation into female and male flies. They differ only in the way they are tied. Probably the separa-tion is the result of differing tying methods and materials. The “Practical Handbook for Fly Tying” by H. Pethe shows differing patterns. It is said to show black and white drawings as tying instructions.
We can see that the fly tying world is endless. Developed over time are differing patterns dependent, of course, on the imagination of the tyer, some more complex, some simpler.
The Dutch fly tying school should not be forgotten. The famous Hans van Klink-en produced a more simply tied version which is reminiscent of the original French version.
The Frenchman Jean Paul Dessaigne developed a version and his tying empha-sizes material contrasts and very accurate tying. It is claimed that the fly is always successful. It is supposed to be attractive in any weather.
So, dear fly fisher and tyer, now you are in the spot. Apply your talents and, with your entry in the Fly Tying Championship, pay homage to the this fly because just the name “Panama” sounds majestic.

I wish you lots of fun and success,

Adrian Bontza

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Dear fly fishermen/-women and friends,


We are delighted to announce a new sponsor for the EWF. Semperfli becomes official sponsor of the EWF fly tyers. So, we warmly welcome Ann and Andy Kitchener with their team and the Austrian shop Klejch Fly Fishing & Outdoor to the next EWF.

You can meet Semperfli with all their products at their stand in the Stadtsaal – Ann, Andy, and their team will welcome you warmly.

We are pleased that they will take part!

Your EWF Team



For the second time at the EWF - Linda Bachand from the USA! 


We are looking forward to welcoming again Linda Bachand from the USA at the EWF. Visit her at her fly tying bench on the stage of the Stadtsaal and be inspired by her flies.

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Again at the EWF ! Stefano Tieri from Italy - multiple winner of the Open German Fly Tying Championship for the second time at the EWF!

For the second time Stefano Tieri will be at the EWF and will tie his fantastic salmon flies. We are happy to have this pleasant and talented Italian fly tyer at  the EWF fly tyer row.

Visit Stefano on the stage of the Stadtsaal!



Dear fly fishermen/-women and friends,


As last year, Melanie Peer, the daughter of a fly fishing colleague, has started the fundraising campaign “Mebelino – a good deed for Christmas”.
This year, the aim is to support our EWF sponsored family with their children in their everyday life.
As at the annual EWF, we would be very pleased if you take part in this fundraising campaign.
The link for it is

Thank you very much wholeheartedly!



For the first time at the EWF - Gary Hanke from Canada,
participant and repeated winner of the Open German Fly Tying Championship!

We are looking forward to welcoming Gary Hanke at the 15th EWF. Visit Gary at his fly tying bench on the stage of the Säulensaal and be inspired by his flies.

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You can download the new EWF Leaflet at DIN A5 size!
- We look forward to your visit at the EWF -


flyer 2020 D Bild          

Flyer English EWF 2020

Flyer German EWF 2020
          flyer 2020 E Bild


13th Open German Fly Tying Championship - sponsored by Daiichi - Angler Sport Group



After the great success of the last twelve Championships, the 13th Open German Fly Tying Championship will take place at the 2020 EWF.

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Get an impression of our new image film and let yourself be inspired.

Film by Rudy van Duijnhoven

      For the 7th time the Open German Championship will be sponsored by the company Angler Sport Group with Daiichi hooks. ( . Many thanks!


ANNOUNCEMENT - EWF 2020! -  We would appreciate if you can schedule this event date!!!


15th International Experience the World of Fly Fishing

Saturday, 28 March 2020, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday, 29 March 2020, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Event Forum Fürstenfeld / Fürstenfeld Monastery near Munich
Fürstenfeld 12
D-82256 Fürstenfeldbruck


Many thanks to the DAFV (Deutscher Angelfischerverband e.V.)
for the positive press response about the 14th EWF!

          Presse-Echo DAFV


Attention please -
The EWF photo galleries 2019 are online!!



Experience the 2019 EWF once more: a retrospective in pictures.