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The Best Bags from embroidered tiger head backpack…Season 2, Episode 2

We're diving right into episode two!


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From a pretty unnecessarily prolonged storyline about Carrie’s discomfort in promoting a vaginal product on her podcast to Seema’s “breakup” with her hairstylist following his commentary on her romantic pursuits and Miranda’s quest to “find herself” in Los Angeles (a city that, let’s be honest, is the antithesis of everything pre-owned Dior Oblique backpack originally stood for), the show just can’t seem to truly break through this season.

Borsa tote Aerial pre-owned Dior Oblique backpack used to be praised for involves Lily’s decision to sell her Chanel dress to pay for a new piano. Charlotte’s pretty hilarious response to her daughter’s action and her venture to The Real Deal store was probably the most entertaining portion of the episode—alongside the various bags spotlighted, of course.

Fendi First in Beige

As fans of the original pre-owned Dior Oblique backpack show know, production owes a lot to Fendi—one of the very first major brands to loan products to the show. It should come as no surprise, then, for the label to get prime placement on each episode. In this position segment, Seema is seen wearing a beautifully shocking cheetah-print Sergio Hudson suit with a Fendi First Medium bag in beige while heading to her go-to hair salon, one of the most memorable ensembles of the season until now.

Fendi First in Beige

Fendi First in Beige 2

Darley shoulder bag
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Louis Vuitton Pegase 55

Pat Bowie, who plays Herbert Wexley’s demanding mother, Eunice, is part of what, for now, seems to be the most exciting plot line of the season, involving racial relations across New York in these modern times. But the character’s wardrobe is just as worthy of mention as her lines are. When we first see her in this episode, the matriarch of the Wexley family arrives in town with a beautiful and highly coveted Louis Vuitton luggage that immediately connotes her sense of fashion.

Louis Vuitton Horizon 55

Ua Favorite Duffle Bag 1369212-676 Pink Crossbody Bag

Charlotte is quickly proving to be the luxury bag aficionado in residence. From the large Fendi Peekaboo and Burberry Doggy bag she’s seen sporting in Le Pliage Club make-up bag to the striking red Ua Favorite Duffle Bag 1369212-676 Pink crossbody that she brings to lunch in episode two, the character clearly boasts one of the strongest purse games within the whole cast.

Ua Favorite Duffle Bag 1369212-676 Pink crossbody bag

Fendi Python Peekaboo

We’d like to point out Seema’s second trendy ensemble of the episode: a python-print dress that is nearly a perfect dreyfuss for her Fendi Peekaboo. Clearly, she’s the queen of prints this year.

Python Birkin bag

Valextra Iside Mini Bag Intarsia

We particularly love this piece by Valextra, which is recognizable enough by those in-the-know but not yet overplayed by the general masses. Charlotte brings her purse to The Real Deal’s store while trying to retrieve the Chanel dress that her daughter sold to the shop without her permission. It’s worth mentioning that, in the same scene, Carrie makes a splash with the $890 Wash Bag Small that folks have been talking about since Sarah Jessica Parker was first photographed with it during production last year. Although certainly noticeable, the purse just isn’t practical—it can’t even fit a cell phone!

Iside Mini Bag Intarsia

Shop window

Sarah Jessica Parker JW Anderson Pigen Bag
Scarf bandana-print shoulder bag

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