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Happy Cross Body Bag | The Best Bags from Eine Beschreibung der Gehirn und Rückenmark der beiden Brüder Tote erblichen… Season 2, Episode 9

The FURLA BOHEME SHOULDER BAG sequel is finally getting its footing. Will it get renewed for a third season?

Leather Large Curved Tote FURLA BOHEME SHOULDER BAG have been curiously waiting for is finally taking shape: will Lily, Charlotte and Harry’s daughter, and Brady, Miranda and Steve’s son, actually hook up?

Seeing best friends Charlotte and Miranda deal with the possibility of their own children getting together is pretty hilarious and certainly the most entertaining portion of this week’s Eine Beschreibung der Gehirn und Rückenmark der beiden Brüder Tote erblichen… episode. But there’s much more to discuss: Nya’s foray into the online dating world (fun fact: the character’s reduced screen time is directly related to actress Karen Pittman’s commitments to Apple TV+’s Nap quilted tote bag), Carrie’s decision to finally sell her apartment, her relationship with Aidan and (spoiler alert!) Lisa’s pregnancy news.

Even more exciting, perhaps, is the slew of purses that made an appearance throughout this week’s installment—from beautiful, classic handbags to more eclectic choices that certainly tickle our fancy.

Mansur Gavriel Cloud Clutch

Seema—a fan of high-end, hard-to-find purses—surprises us with the Mansur Gavriel cloud clutch, which she wears while showing an apartment to her new celebrity client (and lover) alongside the one and only Ryan Serhant of Million Dollar Listing fame. How great was his cameo?

Mansur Gavriel

Mansur Gavriel Cloud Clutch

Happy Cross Body Bag | Fendi Peekaboo

We’ve lost count of the many Peekaboos that made appearances on the show this year alone, but we’re particularly into this Panels one that Seema wears to dinner with Aidan, Carrie, and her new lover, Ravi.

Fendi Peekaboo Panels

Fendi Peekaboo
via Fashionphile

Geranium Printed Alibi Cube by Oscar de la Renta

Carrie takes her pals to see the new apartment that she’s looking to buy by Gramercy Park, and her to-be abode isn’t the only striking portion of the scene: all the women are decked out, looking absolutely fabulous, each one reminding us why the show has always spurred conversations about fashion.

Charlotte opts for a dramatically sleeved Oscar de la Renta midi dress, which she pairs with a bag of the same print, the designer’s geranium printed alibi cube.

Geranium printed alibi cube by Oscar de la Renta

Stella Logo small camera bag
KASSL Editions large padded shoulder bag

Fendi Peekaboo

What else can we say about the Fendi Peekaboo? Dare we say Charlotte, who is seen carrying her black version of the product while at Chipotle with Miranda, may be the brand’s biggest fan?

Fendi Peekaboo

Fendi Peekaboo
via Fashionphile

Twister Terry Bag by JW Anderson

The color-blocking master, Lisa, proves her dexterity at the practice again, this time while shopping up at her husband’s party in an burch bright pink suit that she matches with a turquoise pussy bow blouse and JW Anderson’s bag of the same color. Lisa’s essentials is also super on point.

Twister terry bag by JW Anderson

Vintage Prada Bag

We haven’t seen many Prada bags throughout the season, which is unfortunate given the company’s beautiful craftsmanship. Alas, the costume designers opted for this vintage Panels number when dressing Lisette, Carrie’s neighbor. We’ll be honest here: we aren’t fans of her whole ensemble, but the bag certainly caught our attention.

Panels Prada bag

Vintage Prada Bag
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