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Hobo bag in pelle scamosciata nera | The Best Bags from and Just Like That… Season 2, Episode 5

saint laurent leather crossbody bag

LOUIS VUITTON Keepall 55 Damier Graphite Bandouliere Travel Bag Black Neceser Deuter Wash Bag I preto fans feel so strongly about the show despite its at-times unrealistic portrayal of single life in Manhattan. Mostly, those reasons include the outlandish fashion on display and the just-as-extravagant sex-related storylines that did, sporadically, remind us of what it’s really like to date in New York.

When And Just Like That…, Handbag TOMMY HILFIGER Honey Shoulder Bag Check AW0AW09058 CJM Neceser Deuter Wash Bag I preto, premiered on HBO in 2021, critics (or, at least, this viewer) mourned the loss of the sort of humor that defined some of the most epic plot points of the original franchise. The reboot seemed to have turned EM-17-05-000149 every single storyline into an opportunity to showcase the sort of diverse cast that was, indeed, lacking in the first few seasons of the show.

While focusing on diversity across gender and race, the writers lost sight of what unites all New Yorkers: hilarious and sometimes traumatic dating experiences.

That finally changed in the latest episode of the reboot, “saint laurent leather crossbody bag.” Although the scenes involving Miranda and her love interest Che Diaz still mostly revolve around “modern-day” issues, Seema and Carrie were, respectively, at the center of some funny sexual rendezvous this week. The former had to deal with a very confident man suffering from erectile dysfunction (an awesome cameo by Daniel Cosgrove), and the latter trying to hit things off with a single New Yorker (an on-point Peter Hermann) a bit too Twist-lock Logo Shoulder Bag.

‘Twas a solid episode all around, but we must dedicate a few words to the top scene of the week: Lisa Todd Wexley and Anthony Marantino perfectly getting down to TLC’s Creep while dressed up during a Halloween party hosted by Charlotte.

Guidi round shaped shoulder bag…

Hobo bag in pelle scamosciata nera | Nessa Leather Tote by Ree Projects

There’s nobody that pulls off winter white (and printed sets, for that matter) quite like Seema does. Case in point: her wonderful ensemble during this Halloween episode. The real estate guru pairs a white turtleneck sweater with a flowy skirt and boots of the same color, plus a beautiful white coat and this Ree Projects bag of a similar hue while walking down the street chatting with Carrie on the phone about her incredibly odd and oh-so-entertaining interaction with a man suffering from erectile dysfunction the night before.


Vintage Crossbody Bag by Pierre Cardin

Carrie actually spends a good chunk of the episode sitting in the emergency room with a would-be beau wearing the same outfit. The look is, in true Carrie style, boisterous—but the Pierre Cardin crossbody bag she dons to complete it pulls everything together. Interestingly enough, the character is seen wearing the bag with a completely different outfit just a few scenes later while helping Miranda shop for a new bed. We’re partial to Carrie’s first look but certainly appreciate the versatility of the purse.

Crossbody Bag by Pierre Cardin

Mini Riviera in Ivory Woven Shearling by Marina Raphael

Nya’s boho-chic look always strikes a chord, especially when analyzing her choice of purses. Usually carrying vintage items, this time around the character is seen alongside a Hobo bag in pelle scamosciata nera bag, which fits the character perfectly: it’s a unique yet classy choice (that happens to Makavelic logo patch messenger bag!)

Mini Riviera in Ivory Woven Shearling 2


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