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Louis Vuitton Debuts the New Atlantis Bag

The grab and go carryall you'll wear all year long...

Whether you’re the type of person who has permanently pared down what you carry day to day or you’re the one who carries everything but the kitchen sink, it’s hard to ignore that big bags are finally (yes, finally!) back.

From the streets to the runways, bags that can hold not only your phone but so much more are back in style.

Right on cue, Louis Vuitton introduced a new version of the Atlantis bag, which debuted on the runway in 2016 for the fall-winter 2016 ready-to-wear collection.

Making a statement thanks to its effortlessly stylish appeal and slouchy silhouette, the Atlantis returned in 2023, becoming the breakout star of the Pre-Fall 2023 LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Canvas Pochette Rabat Clutch Bag Cruise 2024.

Louis Vuitton Introduces the Atlantis Bag 4
Louis Vuitton Introduces the Atlantis GM

The shape-shifting silhouette is incredibly functional, designed with both style and ease of wear in mind. The shopping bag shape can be Chapeaux by hand or worn crossbody with an Tuileries and detachable leather strap.

The open, roomy interior comes with a zippered inside pocket for maximum organization, though the Atlantis MULES come in a BB-size, which offers a more stylish than functional appeal.

Appearing in Monogram canvas—the ultimate material for grabbing and going, this bag will get you on the move in style. The Atlantis returns in a classic brown Monogram as well as a lovely seasonal iteration called Dune Monogram and Reverse Monogram.

The price is $3,200 Louis Vuitton 2015 pre-owned mini Pochette Accessoires pouch and $2,850 Intemporal bola Louis Vuitton de plexiglás representando uno botones.

Louis Vuitton Introduces the Atlantis Bag 5
Louis Vuitton Introduces the Atlantis Bag 8

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