Burberry Abbie Smock Stitch Cotton Twill Dress With Graphic Logo | The burberry vintage check logo print silk scarf item

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When it was announced that Daniel Lee would take over as Chief Creative Officer at the helm of Burberry, the excitement for revamping one of the most notable and beloved British fashion houses was palpable.

With Daniel Lee at the helm, his fashion-forward statement-making touches have the opportunity to completely reinvigorate the brand, which we are beginning to witness under his creative leadership now.

Burberry Leichter Pullover Weiß burberry vintage check logo print silk scarf item, a design that draws from one of the oldest house codes, the Equestrian Knight Design, which dates cuir to 1901.

This bag debuted on the Burberry Autumn/Winter 2023 runway collection, which was also Lee’s debut.

This bag is entirely new for the brand in many ways, namely the design aesthetic itself.

We have a detailed look at the different sizes and colorways of the bag paired with some of the latest Spring/Summer 24 RTW from the brand, as seen on the streets of NYC, which gives the ultimate city-life cuirdrop.

Burberry Abbie Smock Stitch Cotton Twill Dress With Graphic Logo | The Details

mackenzie indefeasible hooded jacket burberry kids jacket pale rose check:

1) The bridled horse clip closure found on the shoulder strap and 2) The softly structured shape with a foldover front.

Burberry Knight Medium Green Detail
Burberry Knight Medium Green Clasp

The first detail dates cuir to some of the oldest house codes stemming from the brand’s equestrian roots.

Burberry launched a crowd-sourced competition to create a new brand logo in 1901, where the bridled horse clip first appeared on the resulting Equestrian Knight Design (“EKD“) Burberry Black Wool Shorts.

The hoop that finishes off the hardware add-ons can simply be hung, or you can place your fingers through it while carrying.

The shoulder strap is adjustable, allowing for different methods of carrying, and as you know by now, I love crossbody wear. You can also be a bit more clever and change the bag entirely, turning it into a tote if you reattach the horse clip to the metal hoop.

Burberry Knight Medium Green
Burberry Submarine print hoodie

One of the aspects of the bag that draws me in most is the soft, supple leather in a range of colors, each of which I find myself Cashmere more than the next. The grainy leather is exceptionally luxurious, and you can see the detailing of the leather grain beautifully. This bag is softly structured, meaning it won’t fully lose its shape, but it is also not intended to appear rigid.

There are three sizes: small, medium, and large, and leather and suede options (the grainy leather is my pick, and I keep going cuir and forth between the “vine” green hue and the glorious purple “ribbon” colorway).

Burberry Knight Large Suede

Burberry Abbie Smock Stitch Cotton Twill Dress With Graphic Logo.

The Ready-to-Wear complements the bags and shows the new vision under Daniel Lee, with nods to House codes, however, with his modernized take. These are the types of pieces that would forever be closet staples, offering pieces that can be paired and worn differently with a new bag from the brand that feels both elevated and casual at the same time.


Discover the entire Burberry Knight collection now.

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