Hermann Masshammer


Hermann Masshammer is THE German folding knife maker and comes from Regensburg.

He has built up his expertise in producing a folding knife of this precision through years of experience, knowledge, passion and, of course, talent. His models are developed and worked out by hand over weeks..

His motto applies to him completely: "A pocket knife made by hand is and remains something special"

Hermann about himself:

What started as a hobby became a passion. My personal aspiration is always to create something special, a very beautiful design combined with the highest standards of implementation.

The pre-requisite for this is a lot of patience and a good eye, and I always work with magnifying glasses.

All the materials I use are carefully selected and processed with great attention to detail. Since all the processes of making a perfect pocket knife take a lot of time, I can only make a limited number each year. "Customised" is pure handwork. The unique and personal work cannot be replaced by any CnC machine in the world.


At the EWF, he will show the building of pocket knives in pictures and product: From design, sawing, drilling, grinding, hardening to the final finish, he will illustrate all the important steps of knife making.