Payment Methods


Before completing the order process, you will have to opt for one of the payment methods available on the site. When you complete the order, you will be sent to your inbox the order confirmation and further information according to the type of payment method you chosed. If within minutes you do not receive an email, please be sure to check the spam box. Purchases will only be sent after payment confirmation.



ATM Reference — Easypay
Payments will have to be made in any ATM or through your "Home Banking". ATM references are valid only for 48 hours. After that, they are no longer valid. Confirmation of payment for MB References takes approximately 15 minutes, on average, to be communicated to Erlebniswelt-fliegenfischenShops. Orders made with MB Reference payment are not guaranteed until payment is made.

Calvin Klein Jeans
Accepted credit cards are VISA, MASTERCARD and MB NET through the EasyPay System, which is one of the simplest, fastest and safest ways to make an online payment.

Pay securely using a PayPal balance, a credit card, or a bank account.



It is perfectly safe to enter your credit card details into any purchase made on, since all data will be entered on a Secure Server (SSL) that encrypts all sensitive data relating to your credit card. Often Internet frauds happen with cards or information from stolen cards in the physical world and then misused online. We advise you to only use your credit cards in trustworthy establishments and that you do not divulge partially or totally the information contained in them.