Adidas Bidston TT SPZL
03 June 2022

Adidas Love United


Love is love. Love unites everyone, don't matter the sexual Campus or gender identity.

Bearing that in mind, Adidas partnered with queer artist Kris Andrew Small to pay tribute to the LGBTQIA+ community, celebrate past achievements and honor those who keep fighting for a better world.

The australian artist creates with color, prints and meaning. Inspired by pop art and graphic design from the 70's and 80's, Kris uses artistic expression to empower, educate, and give voice to those who cannot use their own.

This Pride collection's goal is to represent and establish a connection with the community. Here, full of movement symbols replace the usual BOOST as the decorative elements of styles which allow you to be who you are, freely.

How do they fit in comparison to Yeezy Boost 350!

Find out below everything Erlebniswelt-fliegenfischenShops has available for you.


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